Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return/Rescue is the most effective non-lethal method of improving the health and quality of natural lives of outdoor cats through a population control program.

Outdoor cats are captured, spay/neuter, vaccinated against Rabies, Panleukopenia, Calicvirus, Rhinotracheitis and microchipped. Then kept for recovery period where they are evaluated & treated for any medical conditions such as disease, infection or injury.

  • Feral cats live in the outdoors, they are unsocialized, unapproachable and fearful of people. They are marked with the left ear tip slightly clipped; the universal sign of TNVR and returned to the habitat in which they live. The feral cats will have continuous care with shelter, daily food and water and monitored for health and welfare by a colony caretaker.

  • Stray and Abandoned cats These are previously owned and socialized pets that have lost their home.  They are usually skittish and afraid but are friendly and approachable. They are handled in the same manner, but are not ear clipped and are not returned to the outdoors. These cats will be rescued and taken into an adoption program for placement in a home.

  • All kittens are rescued and placed into a socialization and adoption program.


What is the primary benefit of T.N.V.R.?

Most people think of cats as independent. Domestic cats hunt independently, however, outdoor cats are reliant upon each other and live in groups called “Colonies”. They sleep together, play together, protect each other and their territory from newcomers. A female can easily produce 3-4 litters per year with 6 kittens per litter. Most colonies begin with unsterilized stray or abandoned females. 

  • T.N.V.R. will reduce and stabilize the population while increasing the overall health of the colony and quality of life for feral cats.


  • Spayed females are no longer enduring the demands of perpetual pregnancy, giving birth and fending for themselves and their babies.


  • Sterilizing feral cats reduces or even eliminates the behaviors that can lead to neighborhood nuisance complaints.